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For all the latest updates on La Carnita, including menu updates and artist information, this is the spot. Although, if we’re being honest, like Andre 3000, you might find more timely updates via @la_carnita


The Music

Street food and street art need a street soundtrack. Since we first popped up we’ve been gathering a collection of golden era hip hop mixes as well as that new…  |  Read More

The Art

The first time La Carnita popped-up we sold 150 original prints of Meathead, a Día de los Muertos inspired skull made up of taco ingredients.   |  Read More

The Story

We didn’t used to read WordUp! magazine, but the concept for La Carnita did transition from fantasy to reality in a way similar to Biggie’s life, less a few Coogie…  |  Read More

The Thanks

Before we open shop, and before we get into our story, we really need to say thank you. From the bottom of our greasy little taco-shaped hearts, we need to…  |  Read More