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For all the latest updates on La Carnita, including menu updates and artist information, this is the spot. Although, if we’re being honest, like Andre 3000, you might find more timely updates via @la_carnita



The Art

The first time La Carnita popped-up we sold 150 original prints of Meathead, a Día de los Muertos inspired skull made up of taco ingredients. Part of us thought people would throw it away, or use it as a napkin in dire circumstances, but it turns out people dug the little guy. So the second time we popped-up we got a local artist to bring to life his vision of Meathead. We continued this process for all of our pop-ups and the result is a fairly amazing collection of original art from a fairly amazing collection of talented artists.

Also know that you can check these out on Pinterest and that we plan on continuing to get new artists to bring Meathead to life for as long as we are filling taco shells. If you want to submit your vision of Meathead, email this guy.


Matt Webb

Shingo Shimizu

Mike Kelar & Mikey Richardson

Kevin Briones

Dushan Milic

Lucas Espin

Junichi Otake

Pascal Paquette

Katherine Webb

Ashley Barron

Matt Webb

Lucas Espin

Shingo Shimizu

Andrew Richmond

Kyle Howard

Chris Barrett

Dylan Upper

Johnny Crap

Andrew D. Jumper

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