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We didn’t used to read WordUp! magazine, but the concept for La Carnita did transition from fantasy to reality in a way similar to Biggie’s life, less a few Coogie sweaters. It began when Andrew Richmond, a creative chef trapped in a design director’s body, was hired by Amin Todai, a chilled-out entrepreneur trapped in a chilled-out entrepreneur’s body. They worked side by side at OneMethod, Amin’s Digital + Design anti-firm, where they were thinking of a master plan:

Start a pop-up (mobile store without a front) experiment that pairs street art with street food and see what happens.

For Amin, this was an opportunity to show and prove exactly what OneMethod could do: make something out of nothing.

For Andrew, the stakes were high, meaning that if he could pull this off, he might be able to quit his day job.

From there we got a local artist to create a Día de los Muertos skull out of taco ingredients, called some friends to help cook, sent out a few tweets, and then sold some limited edition art work with some limited edition tacos. Everything sold out so we decided to do it again. We called another artist, called a few more friends, sent out a few more tweets, and popped-up two weeks later. For the next 11 months we did this a number of times, involving a variety of local artists and talented chefs (both who taught us much along the way).

About six months into our run we thought a restaurant might be in order. That was verified at UNO in April, a fairly massive party where we hosted a few thousand people, a number of absurdly talented chefs, and over 35 original works of street art by some of North America’s finest creators.

That pretty much brings us up to here and now. So if you don’t know, now you know. But if you still don’t know, feel free to shoot us an email or, better yet, get @us or drop by whenever.

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